Friday, December 4, 2009

Why use Wristbands?

Why Use Wristbands

As your about to engage in this piece your probably wondering, what on Earth could be so interesting about wristbands? Well surprisingly enough there are many things that come to astonish people in the sales industry especially the wristband sales industry. People from all over the world with such different tastes placing orders for events that many dream of participating in. From Fashion Shows, to hotel parties from major tattoo conventions, to school related events. Those are just some instances of what every morning is like. Many times you can find yourself being the pivot point in a decision one of your customers will make when they decide to finalize their decision in their purchase. Between types of wristbands being it tyvek (better known as paper fiberbands) , Plastic wristbands or even vinyl bands. Then between those we have different sizes (1/2” 3/4” or 1” ), designs, as well as different types ( translucent, as well as standard vinyl) not to mention the different types of plastics ( hologram, chrome, standard plastic or plastics with designs) . This industry was created in order to make security and admittance to these events recognized. With a variety of choices that can add accents to the festivities these simple inventions made the lives of Business owners effortless. Not to mention customization of wristbands to make it authentically yours, this makes fraud nearly impossible to take place. With such amazing characteristics who wouldn't want to own one.


  1. Advertising your event on the tyvek wristbands is pretty cool. It was done and shipped out within 24 hours. Next event for my paying customers I will use the Vinyl wristbands.

  2. Thank you for sharing. You can create wristbands as a promotional item for your company, cause or organization!