Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thermal Tickets

Are you having a Huge event and you would love to be certain only the guest your inviting are attending? Do you need to differentiate between your VIP guests and General Admission or need to have assigned seating? Well Wristbands Online is Now introducing a new solution for this situation... Thermal Tickets! They are the Newest in thermal technology with Fast printing and ability to customize to your liking. Thermal Tickets will make any event go smoothly with its ability to be a point of entry sale and security feature. Selling for only $39.99 per thousand and only $10.00 to print. These Tickets can be printed within 24 hrs and in can be in you hands the next day when you order Expedited Shipping. So don't ever thinks its too late we can get it to you FAST! check them out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Customize World Cup Wristbands for Events

Personalized tyvek paper wristbands can be the fastest and original way to show your beliefs, causes or affiliation. This is why for the world cup we suggest the idea of creating your own wristband for your team. The cool thing about doing this is that you can create as minimum of 10 wristbands printed.

We have Created some samples to catch up with Soccer World Cup 2010 in Africa and we know about all those fanatics that will love to host an evening with friends watching the game

We suggest you choose as low as 10-50 wristbands you can do our 1" tyvek by the 10's starting price of $13.70 or do 100 wristbands on our 3/4" tyvek wristbands solid colors starting price of $19.99. These are to print on one color ink, but is worth spending some money to show your true beliefs to your friends and family.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer 2010 Wristbands for events

This summer 2010 identify your party, get together, or hotel events with these wristbands. Some of the wristbands presented in this video are new products. Now for the summer when creating an event for a large amount of guests why not give them something they will remember.
Just think about how they are going to remember their event every-time they see their wristbands. It is common to have off site parties at bars and these wristbands can make things easy most of the time. Guest who are invited to your event this summer can be categorized with wristbands, you will also know how much you have spent on your event.
This is why we have given you in this video some ideas to impress your guest on your next event.

Get them while they are hot.

Cheers WBO