Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Wristbands Sale

This Halloween 2011 prepare for more wristbands, we are having a sale starting at $7.99. Get some scary Bat wristbands, some Skulls, fly away with an Evil Witch or even get Orange solid vinyl or Tyvek wristbands. Pumpkin wristbands are not an exception so get them while we have them, they always go away fast!

These wristbands are great for Hunted Houses, Halloween Parties, Scary Costumes Events or just to celebrate a scary moment! Dont Forget we also custom Tickets for any event even for Raffle or entrance tickets personalized!
Click here to get instructions on how to get our 10% discount of your total Order :) and follow us on twitter we will be giving out some wristbands only to the ones Following Us!


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